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Friday, October 03, 2003
White House finds Conclusive Evidence Iraqi War a Liberal Plot

High Ranking sources within the white house today revealed they had uncovered strong evidence indicating unnamed democrats in a plot to trick the Bush administration into invading Iraq. Speaking on condition of anonymity white house sources declared that, while the evidence couldnt be disclosed publicly at this time due to national security concerns, they were actively pursuing investigations which could possibly tie many leading democrats to the plot.

Limbaugh : Victim of the liberal media? Or scapegoat of the racist Naacp

Rush Limbaugh, embattled over charges of racism by the media elite and minority only organisations which exclude whites from membership, struck back today proclaiming his right to freedom of speech. Limbaugh, the thoughtful, softspoken darling of the center and right, attempted to hide his deep concern at being thought of as racist spoke out against the racists calling on good red blooded americans to oppose this stifling of his constitutional rights and reminded his listeners that it wasnt good god fearing americans Those People vote for.

Administration begins Homeland Security investigation into possible ties between Wilson and Al Qaeda

The Bush administration today announced the department of Homeland Security would begin an immediate investigation into those promoting the so called "Wilson Affair" after recieving credible evidence Wilson was most likely an Al Qaeda plant plotting to overthrow freedom and the american way of life. Officials wouldnt comment on specific information leading to the investigation other than to say "It is obvious anyone who would attack the US government so openly is very likely to have ties to Al Qaeda and possibly Saddam himself". When asked what evidence initiated the investigation spokesmen for Rumsfeld stated they could not disclose the specifics due to national security concerns and asked the reporter to leave his name and address with the agency on the way out.

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